Apr 14, 2019

online movie watch new website and app List

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Friends that everyone wants to see in your smart phone (Android phone) new movie from online. So friends now have to get rid of problems because today I tell you about some app and sites that you can now any online movie watch from your smartphone and Computer.


AMAZON PRIME VIDEO online movie watch new website and app List

Prime video american was created by company called amazon and is still ongoing. It is a popular site. This will then paid you money you can watch video for 365 days(one year).
You can take 30 days trials and then is a paid channel. You can see the online movie watch new here. Here you will have to register to watch the new movie 
Website: – www.primevideo.com
you can register for a year in such ₹ 999. The Prime video will be paid to you for him to see which channel.


online movie watch new website and app List

Friends YouTube name you will be heard. Now a days everyone knows about YouTube.
This is a very good platform for entertainment. There is not any other platform that better than YouTube to see a video. (online movie watch new)
in This you can watch both free and paid Video. It Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen was developed YouTube in 2005.
Which bought in November $ 1.65.billions of American dollar by Google Company in 2006.
It is a better platform to watch a great video you can see the video on YouTube, film trailer, online movie watch new, TV serial, song video and live stream.
You can see the ads without YouTube take premium video. This you can see live news.
Website: – YouTube


online movie watch new website and app List

Hotstar is a popular app. It is very popular in people. Hotstar You can see the movie for free along with all chennel the star tv.
And you can see the new movie by the money . Most of the people see matches on hotstar.
If you subscription hotstar premium you will have to ₹ 199 paid every month. You can see the movie on the desired mind hotstar language you can see on the website or app’s video hotstar.
Website: – Wwv. hotstar.com
After Youtube video viewing platform hotstar. You can see the serial tv on hotstar at any time.

4. Popcornflix

This is the website’s users free online movie provide. If you have a very hobby to see Hollywood movies you can see Hollywood movies from it. On this website, you can see many of the movies, such as Action, comedy, drama, horror, etc. And at the same time, you can also watch the online tv show on these sites also absolutely free. App of the website is also available that you can download from the playstore. In this website, you can watch movies and shows in the language of the 15 like( Hindi, English, Telugu, Gujarati etc.)

5. BOX Tv

In this website you can see Hindi, English and with it users as well as regional language can also see movies in urdu. You can see the tv show on the movie you both paid and free to you this on the website old and new movie can see. Website:- BOXTv.com You can see a month unlimited movies and shows in ₹ 199 compared to the other website you can watch movies in the best quality on this website you iphone , this sites are also use in ipad, android and iphone etc.


online movie watch new website and app List

This website is to give new release movie. This is a paid website. For this see to movie you will have to money paid.
And yes, you can take a trial of this website you can use for free up to 30 days. You have to ₹ 500, ₹ 600, ₹ can 800 plan choose.
Netflix is ​​a popular sites which is known all over the world you can see movies and shows at high quality. You can see the movie in the language of 90 on the sites.


This is a free application is where you can watch online movies, tv shows and comedy videos for free.
This application you can download from playstore. This is a free app.
Here you can see the new movie, they also live. Some people like the serial is also very much like the CID, boy-scout, CRIME ALERT etc.
Sometimes it is the favorite show off you. If you do not talk to the tension is so you can see your tv show on this application.
Without any paid.

8. Jio tv

Large-screen smartphone and 4G internet speeds has made better movies experience of the users. On playstore all app has many applications to view online movies you mind wanted the movies do not. Such users best to select jio cinema (jio tv) option in because here you can see your favourite movies. Friends You must have heard the name of JIO TV. Since then relience had to Jio Sim Launch India has become “DIGITAL INDIA”. JIO very large company of India. India most people use the SIM of jio. This means that users can always watch and said even your favorite movies Jio tv app. This application you will find on the playstore you can download from there. On this you online movies, tv shows, funny videos etc. See’s this you can also see the offline video. It is absolutely free app.


Today technology is advancing these and getting everything digital. Nowadays people through is Voot App like to see movie below and smart phone on tv you can watch your favorite TV Shows anytime, anywhere. Matter whether the Reality Shows or Kids of Shows. You get easily Popular tv shows, Movies etc. on Voot App. If you have you want to Download the videos Voot.com or Voot App can also easily.


You will definitely hear the name of the people IDEA TV. It is very popular app. It’s on tv shows, new and old movies, funny videos, films can watch trailer. It’s up to you free and also shows the premium paid. IDEA TV you offers a wide range tv shows provide them. On this app you can watch shows on your heart desired language. This app is the option to select multiple languages. On this app you can see the best of features you find shows much live tv channel 110 on this app.


Sony live app is a good platform for watching entertainment videos. This app was launched on 22 January 2013.
It’s very demand of the app itself since then. If you do this you can download from playstore. Or visit its official website can also see shows. It is absolutely free. On this channel you can see all these tv channel is Sony TV, Sony SAB, Sony Mix, Sony Max, Sony Max 2, Sony Six, Sony Pix, AXN, and Sony Yay etc. You can also watch live shows on you.

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Friends if you have any confusion or problems releted to this post or tech you can also ask me on below comment section. I will try to solve you the problem.

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