May 16, 2019

How to become a PO in Bank, SELECTION PROCESS OF BANK Probationary Officer

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Friends, we will quote every posting company related to how you became PO in this post. 
So let’s know. Friends Nowadays everyone wants someone to do a good job. Bank gives many employee un every year. 
There is a post in the bank called the Probationary Officer (PO). If you also want to make a PO in the bank then it is important to keep information about it. 
So let’s take a look at the PO.


Bank PO is also called Probationary Officer. It job is offers by State bank of India. 
It is a government job. This position ( Probationary Officer) is like a assistant manager or junior manager of bank.
This job get after a very hard work. It’s full name is Probationary Officer.


Now we talk to qualification of Bank PO. It is very important to know the qualification of Bank PO before apply this form. 
If you apply for Bank PO then you must be graduate. You have any degree like engineer, medical, phd etc. You can apply for this job. 
But you have score 55% marks in your graduate degrees. This job get to you do hard work.


Friend if you want to do any job then it has an age limit. And this job also has an age limit. 
And its limit is caste wise. If you also want to apply for this job. So knowing this is important for you to know.
So let’s know. You must be at least 21 years and maximum age of 30 years for this job to apply. 
But the government gives a discount for some cast. 
OBC = 3 years
SC / ST = 5 years 
General = 10 years
If you are an Ex-serviceman or with Jammu Kashmir then its maximum age limit is 35 years. If you have physical disabilities, then its maximum age limit is 40 years.


If you want to do this job then you will have to work hard. And nowadays this is very competitive for the job. 
And to qualify for Bank PO in SBI, IBPS has to give you a 3-phase examination for this job. 
1 – Preliminary Exam 
2 – Main Exam 
3 – Interview

Preliminary Exam

After the application of SBI Bank PO, you have to give this first exam (Preliminary examination). 
This exam is of 100 marks. And in this exam you get a 1 hour time. This is the exam minus marking.
That is, if one of your questions is wrong then its 0.25 marks will be cut. This exam is online exam.
All questions in this examination are of each 1-1 marks.

Subjects          question

English                  30 
Rationalization     35 
Quantitative          35  

Main Examination

In This exam occurs after the preliminary examination. Gives the same candidate to the exam which passes the preliminary exam.
This exam is also online like a preliminary exam. 
This is done in exam 2 setion- multiple choice question and second descriptive.
In the first setion (multiple choice question), there are 155 questions of 200 marks. 
And you get 3 hours to get this exam. However, each subject has different marks and time.
And in the second setion you get the question of 50 marks and the time is 30 minutes.


Subject Question / Marks
Computer and
Reasoning Data
and Interpretation
Banking / General
Earth Sciences
English language 35/40


Subject  Question / Marks
 English language (letter, writing, essay) 2 / 50


Who condiates passes both exam (preliminary exam and main exam), then they can sit in this exam.
This is the last step examination of Bank PO job. If you pass this exam then you will get this job. 
a. the examiner asks the candidate to test their qualifications and then ask some questions. 
b. the marks are given to the candidates according to the answer.
c. the candidate who passes this exam gets this job. 

the candidate who passes this exam gets this job. 

Friends You must know that for any exam preparation, it is important to know his syllabus. If you know the syllabus of that exam then you make that exam very well. So let’s know the syllabus of the Bank PO.

Syllabus of Bank PO 2019

Bank PO examination syllabus is similar in comparison to other bank exam. Nearly all of the syllabus are similar except for some subject. Both exams contain the question of English and Reasoning. 
Syllabus of preliminary exam and main examination

English Language

For this exam, you must be knowledgeable in English. Because this exam is asked related to english related question. Such as Sentence Correction, General English, Glossary, Spelling Section etc.


In this exam ask you some related questions with conputer. For example, MS-Office, MS Word, hardware, history of computer, software, www, internet etc.

Quantitative Ability

Simplification, profit & loss, mixtures and aligition, work, time, distance, Simple Interest & Compound Interest & Surds & Indices, sequence series, number system, Mensuration – Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Permutation, Combination &Probability.


Ranking/direction/alphabet text, data sufficiency, Alphanumeric Series, logical reasoning, puzzle, codded inequalities, Seating Arrangement, blood relation, input& output, Syllogism, coding-decoding, seat arrangement.

Salary of Bank PO

Bank PO’s sallery is most in comparison with other banks. Its minimum (basic) sallery is 23,700.
And the bank PO sallery is 42,020, inclusive of all the banks’ bank( bhatta).

1. PO (Probationary Officer) – 23000 from 42000 rupee
2. Manager – 31000 from 45000 Rupee
3. Senior Manager – 42000 from 51000 Rupee
4. Chief Manager – 50000 from 59000 Rupee
5. Assistant General Manager – 59000 from 66000 Rupee
6. Depty General Manager – 68000 from 76000 Rupee
7. General Manager – 76000 From 85000 Rupee
8. Executive Director (ED) – more than 1.50 lakhs
9. Chareman and Managing Director (CMD) – more than 2 lakhs

Bank Po

Benefit of Bank PO Job

Along with Bank PO’s salary, this job has a lot of benefit and benefits for the employee. Some benefits are given below: –
¡) If you have a PO in the bank then you will be given a house company to stay without having to rent it. 
¡¡) The bank will provide you traveling allowances.
¡¡¡) Newspaper Reimbursement
¡v) New Pension Scheme
v) Medical Aid

IBPS PO – Rules and Responsibility

Some promotion series of POs job are given below..
○ Scale 1:-. Junior Management Grade: Probationary Officer
○ Scale 2:- Middle Management Grade: Manager 
○ Scale 3:-. Middle Management Grade: Senior Manager 
○ Scale 4:-. Senior Management Grade: Chief Manager 
○ Scale 5:-. Senior Management Grade: Assistant General Manager 
○ Scale 6:- Top Management Grade: Deputy General Manager 
○ Scale 7:-. Top Management Grade: General Manager 
○ Scale 8:- Executive Director (ED) 
○ Scale 9:-. Chairman and Managing Director (CMD)

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Friends, in this post, I tell you, how can you do POs job in the bank. And what is its benefit? If friends are still confusing to you, then ask in the comments box below. I will try to solve your problem.
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