May 13, 2019

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

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The advanced technology has become essential for all business and it was now a hot topic in social media communities and major technology forum. One of the technologies evolving in social and professional lives is artificial intelligence. Most of the businesses are already implemented Artificial intelligence and obtaining benefit from it.

A recent survey has shown that large enterprises are spending more than $20 billion to $35 billion on A.I and still more than 25% of the small business started the conversion from it. These statics influenced many Artificial Intelligence companies and started their own firms to help business peoples to implement artificial intelligence, that support to collect data from various resources, used to execute insights for the development of business.

What is artificial intelligence?

The artificial intelligence is a program developed to make computer or devices to perform tasks such as reading, analyzing and responding like a human. This includes a machine develops an ability to perform exactly like human brain function in executing jobs.

The idea of automation in collecting data from different sources the technologies such as machine learning, data analytics, and natural processing languages comes with advanced features to create opportunities for business to grow.

Companies like demands technologies have arrived with the latest dx frames that come with solid functions make more progressive and performs without any errors.The main advantage of adopting artificial intelligence in business creates more essence.

Artificial Intelligence

Present Stats about Artificial Intelligence and Mobile apps

  • Almost 90% of peoples are using Smartphone with an internet connection
  • There is almost 70% to 82% of all business adopted with mobile apps
  • There is evidence where peoples almost spending their time with mobile more than 3hrs
  • 44% of artificial intelligence can provide data that can be used to make better decisions
  • A. I chat bots provide user experience in conversion within the year  2020

The above statics shows both mobile apps with artificial intelligence rises in business automation and creates more benefits for enterprises. At present mobile app development companies has also started developing AI and adding values for their client’s projects.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Achieving User Expectations

Now user can locate things about them simply using these Requests. AI helps developers to develop extremely intuitive apps. To be in the competition now developers are advancing to utilize AI in app development. The implementation of AI technology enables mobile users to experience that drives more user experience that collects data from users later utilized for predictive analytics.

Return on Investment

The artificial intelligence helps companies to develop an excellent UX for customers by enabling advanced features. The users can experience the ultimate designs which result in engaging more users that help to enhance ROI. A lot of AI applications will communicate with consumers, and these appear to be the most challenging to produce life for a variety of different reasons


The mobile users can get access to own personal virtual assistance with the help of artificial intelligence which it provides suggestions and product recommendation for users. Artificial intelligence has the ability to understand customer preferences to forecast the business helps customers, businesses.

Better predictive nature

With experience and expertise, it is understood that a mobile app might not know the voice of the user. Therefore, the idea of predictive reply in improved to AI where the predictive reply is a connection between the user and the design.

AI technology is explained to assume the message and reply of the user. Hence, the forecast for responses helps in secure chatting. AI helps the clients and brands to determine the queries in less experience.

Neural Networks

One of the significant executions of modern ages in the domain of A.I analysis is Machine Learning, which exhibits itself in technologies associated to business such as e-commerce, banking, real estate and public and private sectors that all these operations are carried out by neural network with computers.


The potential of such advanced technology helps in all business including mobile apps. The importance of this technology caused to drive data from customer helps to use in future perspective. This enables automation in business operations and reduces the human efforts that save more time and money. If you are business owner no matter what business you own then hire best AI companies to adopt in your business, as one of the best ai development company in Bangalore, dxminds , a digital transformation company provides the best solution for your business.

The points listed above made to create awareness among the business peoples who are looking to know better about artificial intelligence with mobile apps. The new availability and progress of AI and machine learning are creating an innovative transformation in the process that developers, companies, and users conceive about intelligent communications within mobile apps

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